Venus…I see blue (1998)


DVD | 3:16 loop

Video projection with sound

In Venus...I see blue my studio performance is recorded on video, manipulated and replayed, acknowledging the destination, the planet Venus. Here I play a construct-like character inspired by female heroines from virtual fighting video games. I also extract specific representational elements from pop imagery - streetwear, martial-arts movies and animations - to create a character that mixes cultural references. The video projection carries the game-girl like character through an endless journey across the 3D animation of the planet. The work aims to undermine the illusions of fluidity and seamless construction that video games are increasingly attempting to convince us of. The video projection realizes a character that is automated and seemingly unreal, yet is at times self-conscious, aware of the camera, and out of breath.

  • Camera:  Nigel Smith
  • Sound Design: Simon Smith
  • Image Source: NASA and JPL
  • Production Support: Goldsmiths’ College