L.A. (2003)


DVD | 1:25 loop 16:9

Presentation; plasma screen with sound

LA depicts a troupe of flyers who soar and glide over a simulation of the city and coastline of Los Angeles. Their avataristic nature is heightened as they effortlessly sail above the city, multiplying and repeating a choreography inspired by science fiction action movies. The multiplication of the figure in LA foregrounds the challenges posed by the overload of electronic information. This challenge is visually represented by a trope made familiar through science fiction movies as well as the 3D simulacra -a multiplied decoy strategically unleashed as a diversion in tense and dangerous situations, begging the question which one is the real. At the same time as provoking a pleasure in the boundless freedom of manoeuvring above a populated space, the video projection also hints at a possible menacing presence hovering over the city like a plague or virus.

  • Camera:  Aubrey Fernandee
  • Rigging: Geoff Ruttan
  • Image source: NASA and JPL
  • Funding: Canada Council for the Arts
  • Production support: The Banff Centre for the Arts