Cowgirl & Future Stories (1997-98)


DVD | 3:46 loop

Video projection with sound

Cowgirl and Future Stories is created through a combination of still images of my performance for the photo camera and appropriated footage, relayed by NASA’s Voyager mission, of the Martian landscape. For this piece I have extrapolated from stories about frontier women, such as cowgirls and comic heroines, to create a futuristic female character I personify in the work. The character sets off a series of triggers by playing with specific stereotypes such as her costume, the plastic chaps, and her performance, the lassoing. She is also defined by the visual landscape she travels, the 3D animation of the planet Mars, signalling deep space and desert, icons from the western genre. The video projection plays on the myths of characters operating in frontier spaces, outside the law, where rational logic is left behind to foreground play and liberation.

  • Still Camera: Bruno Martel
  • Sound Design: Jeremy Cox
  • Editor: John Mark Seck
  • Image Source: NASA and JPL
  • Funding: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
  • Production Support: Saw Video