fig-2 | 50 projects in 50 weeks

By: Fatoş Üstek

fig-2 | 50 projects in 50 weeks, 2016

Lynne Marsh fig2 catalogue as PDF

Extra Visible Dimension: Lynne Marsh’s The Philharmonie Project (Nielsen: Symphony No. 5)

By: Rosemary Heather

PROGRAM | initiative for art + architecture collaborations, 2012

Extra Visible Dimension as PDF (528 KB)

Lynne Marsh: PROGRAM

By: Pablo Laris

Frieze d/e, Spring 2012

Frieze d/e review as PDF (184 KB)

Lynne Marsh, Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012

By: Lynne Marsh and Jonathan Shaughnessy

National Gallery of Canada, 2012

Lynne Marsh, Builders: Canadian Biennial PDF (139 KB)

Upturned Starry Sky

By: Bonnie Rubenstein and Rosemary Heather

CONTACT Gallery, April 2012

Upturned Starry Sky as PDF (528 KB)

Figure, Architecture, Camera: The Strategic Modes of Lynne Marsh

By: Lesley Johnstone

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal and Rimouski: Musée régional de Rimouski, 2008

Figure, Architecture, Camera as PDF (1.5 MB)

La gravité déjouée

By: Bernard Lamarche

Le Devoir, Montréal, Sept. 23, 2005

La gravité déjouée PDF (296 KB)

Lynne Marsh: Crater

By: Martha Langford

Image and Imagination, McGill-Queens University Press, Montréal, 2005

Lynne Marsh: crater as PDF (844 kb)

Cartographies of the Feminine

By: Janice Cheddie

Hulagirl, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, 2004

Cartographies of the Feminine as PDF (44 kb)


By: Janis Demkiw

Mercer Union, Toronto, 2001

landescape as PDF (612 KB)

Lynne Marsh: Oboro

By: Francine Dagenais

Parachute, Montréal, Vol.99, 2000

Review in Parachute as PDF (828 KB)